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My T-Shirts Are Me

Updated: Mar 22

Not too long ago I was at a huge flea market in Camden Town in London. Hundreds of vendors. I was with two friends who were immediately disdainful of all of the schlock and trinkets populating the stalls: "What could you possibly find here that you'd want?!" said my snooty pals.

"Rock 'n' Roll T-Shirts!" I responded immediately. And I was right.

Everywhere I go, I keep an eye open for T-Shirts that appeal to some aspect of me. Maybe you do too.

I'm sharing some of them here.

Tragically, a number of my favorites got too many holes and faded out through wear and tear, so these are the survivors.

But, as you'll see, it's not like collection has declined to a very few set of threads.

Click each T-shirt to learn more:

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