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Fired Up and Ready to Go

There are variety of opinions on whether Barack was a great President. His indecisiveness regarding Syria, Afghanistan and, worst of all, Ukraine are stains on his legacy. However, his empathy, his acceleration of the much needed redress of social inequalities, and the indelible legacy of his national health care program will be remembered as long as there is an America.

Putting aside any criticisms of his politics and effectiveness, there is no question in my mind that he is a great man. The eulogy he gave to State Senator Clement Pinckney after the murderous rampage by a Neo-Nazi at the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston massacred nine innocents is one of the greatest statements of love and compassion I've ever heard. As he says, "An open heart is more important than any policy."

See the entire eulogy below. (You won't be sorry.)

Barack and "The Boss," Bruce Springsteen, created a series of podcasts that you might enjoy, Renegades. These are available though Apple Podcast.

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