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Talk about a sinkhole! Gravity is so tough it even bends light!

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

In my experience, very few people understand Newtonian physics, let alone the Einsteinian version. But they sure get it at NASA!

When they say "It is rocket science," they ain't kidding!

Several years ago NASA launched a satellite that had to swing shot around the Sun twice (!) to get to one of Jupiter's moons at a precise time on July 4th. (That's about 540 million miles away!) It landed almost precisely at its intended destination right on time. It was thrilling to me, a guy who'd get lost driving around the block if I didn't have my GPS.

The satellite's mission, in part, is to study the climate of this moon and report back.

So, consider this: the people of the United States are okay with NASA studying the weather of a moon 500+ million miles away, but a whole bunch of us don't want to hear what NASA says about our own climate changes right here at home.

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