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Appendix II: Politics in the Anthropocene

Pima Precinct Pathway Guide

This appendix presents a way to get to a detailed map of specific precincts in Pima County AZ. This could be useful to an on-the-ground team that wants to become familiar with a particular precinct by visiting library branches, coffee bars and cafes, juke joints, houses of worship, etc. 

Using this flow chart, one can get to the “Orthophoto Imagery” of particular precincts in Pima County’s AZ-6 territory. Be warned that the last step is frustrating. The graphic does not work at human speed, i.e., zooming in takes one too close and zooming out takes one too far and both happen very quickly. 

We are working on improving this step. 

These maps could also be cross-tabbed to voter rolls, social media, letters to the editor, etc. to identify streets and addresses where community activists of various sorts reside in an effort to make connections with people who influence the life of a precinct. 

Most, if not all, US counties provide some version of these precinct maps. 

  1. Click on Maps

  2. Click on Pima Maps — Main

  3. Click on Show Layer List on the left

  4. You’ll see a drop-down menu from what you want to make several choices

  5. Click on the + next to “Print Friendly Label Layers”

  6. Check both streets and street labels

  7. Continue scrolling down to districts Scroll to Districts on the drop-down menu where you found the print friendly labels choice left

  8. Click on the +

  9. Choose Congressional Districts 

  10. District 6 precincts are orangish-brown

  11. Also choose “Voter Precincts” in the same drop down menu where Congressional districts appear

  12. Continuing My way scrolling down on that menu to the last set of choices under “Zoning“

  13. Check Latest Orthophoto Imagery

  14. Zoom in to see specific precincts

  15. Click on one. It will have a blue boundary 

  16. Under “I want to…” Select “Congressional Districts” drop down and select “Voter Precincts”

  17. Click on the “I want to…” icon and choose “Create a Printable Map”

  18. You’ll be instructed to “Select Layout”

  19. Leave the “Output Format” on Pdf

  20. Choose the “map scale” that shows the precinct or the part of a precinct at the level of precision you want

  21. You will then see a satellite view of the precinct, which can provide clues as to where the commercial areas are 

  22. You can send this image of a precinct to whomever you want to

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