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Will Evil Triumph in The Anthropocene?

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Will he or won't he?

Like Putin, Trump is unadulterated evil.

Not to his supporters, of course, but to anyone who’s paying attention to his character, his policies and his crimes, he’s a slime ball.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that he — like Putin— isn't and won’t have a significant impact on the future.

He’s turned the Republican Party in the US into a cult of personality.

He’s legitimated authoritarian rule on a worldwide basis.

He’s the hero of the entire “Might makes right” crowd.

So, if and when he is ever held accountable for his crimes and his personal corruption, the rule of law will receive a reaffirmation and if he does not, paranoia will become an increasingly rational response to regimes of fear coming to power in multiple settings.

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