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The Zombie Named Dixie

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

White supremacy is the Confederacy's blazingly debilitating hangover. Let's find a cure!

Racial and ethnic discrimination and hatred are, unfortunately, worldwide phenomena.

A particularly virulent strain of white supremacy exists in the United States where a horrific civil war took the lives of approximately 23% of the white male population aged 20-24 living in the Confederate states in the years 1860-1865. The ethos that fought to keep Blacks enslaved in the US has been greatly reinvigorated by the backlash to the election of an African-American president in 2008 and the explicit racism of Trump and his followers.

American white supremacy is a deeply destructive ideology that impacts the readiness to accept and be guided by science, paranoia and gun ownership, the position of women and minorities in society, and many other maladies. This anti-racism monograph constitutes my own reflections on the role that white supremacy has played in my life, why it has been allowed to persist, and some pathways by which this scourge can be treated and, possibly, eradicated.

Read my short story The Zombie Dixie here.

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